Discovered Photoshop’s Posteriser!

March 15, 2009

Mucking around with Photoshop I found the Posteriser, well, technically “poster edges”. It makes posters of photos and emphasises the edges of the picture’s various contours. It’s incredible to see some of my photos in a new light. I posterised some photos I put up on my old Photojournal website in 2002 and the whole process changes the picture in an amazing way. This old geocities website no longer exists. So who said that websites are eternal?

When I took these pictures I used a cheap “instamatic” camera without a zooms lens. My instamatic camera used film and it was very expensive to develop the large number of rolls of film I had when I returned to Australia. I then scanned the photos and used Photoshop to enhance and edit as needed. Today I use a small digital camera, not only is it far cheaper to take and see your photos, but also with the large memory disks available you don’t have to worry about carrying rolls of film.

So, 2000 seems like another age when it comes to photography!

The following pictures are from the above website.


I will put up more “posterised” photos as I complete them here.

Here’s a few:

Just click on the pictures below to see an enlarged version.

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