Photos from around Home & Neighbourhood

We’ve been staying home most of the time during this Pandemic. So, I thought I’d share some photos taken from our home and around our neighbourhood. Nothing special – just some shots of our backyard, some flowers, a lizard, a couple of views from nearby, some moments of light shared.

I love my phone camera. I have it with me all the time and when I see something that looks good I just shoot a picture. I walk daily around my neighbourhood for both pleasure & exercise. Where I live I am lucky that to get to my local shops I can take a slightly longer route and walk along the river bank. Consequently many of the pictures here have been taken along that route. I will let the pictures speak for themselves so there’s no captions. There’s some shots using Night Mode on my Samsung S21 Ultra. They look pretty cool!

Just click on the photo & it will expand to its true size.

Oh yeah…some pictures are of stuff in my home except the “Metropolis” Man of steel & car parts. That’s from a garage nearby that closed down. Don’t know where the steel man is now. Hope he’s OK. I included a photo of the recent red moon eclipse on 26 May 2021.

I drew this on cover of a folder. It’s my version of the Seraphim. When I was a kid I was an altar boy in Greek Orthodox Church. I carried the Seraphim & other “talismans” during Liturgy at appropriate times. I drew this remembering that. It has NO resemblance to one I carried.
This is a drawing I did after visiting the cave in which St John wrote the Book of Revelations in Patmos an island in Greece. I sat under an ancient olive tree & just drew.
Same drawing as above. I transformed it using an app.

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