Apple Star

A Granny Smith Apple.

Image via Wikipedia

Jack’s eyes reflected the light of the lamp. It seemed like a tiny bowl of light emanating to the edge of darkness that was his head.

“Here have some apple, ” he said reaching out for a piece of the fruit.

“Thanks. I still reckon that you should leave dreams – what you call ideals, for sleeping with and face the real world,” Jack said.

Angelo crossed his legs as he bit into the apple. He was young with an old forehead. His mouth curled at the ends into a smile, even when he wasn’t smiling.

“Look, you can’t tell me that this star shape within the apple doesn’t make you wonder?” said Angelo.

“What star shape – I can’t see stars in apples, or any fruit. Here you go again, projecting dreams onto the surface of things. What star?”

“When I cut the apple in half,” Angelo picks up another apple from the glass bowl, a green granny smith. He pointed to the apple’s equator with the knife tip, then slowly scruntched a cut leaving two halves. Angelo pointed to the centre of one half and said, “Look, see the five pointed star at its core, see the seeds within each of the star’s hands.”

“What of it?” Jack shrugged.

“Well, doesn’t it seem strange to you that there’s a star within the fruit that fell on Newton’s head showing him and all of us that everything – the stars, the planets and all the moons are all falling?”

Jack doesn’t say a word. He stares at the apple.

“Doesn’t it seem strange to you that it is the same fruit that was the cause of the fall of humanity? Our ancestors fell from Heaven to Earth by taking one bite of the fruit that has a star within it – the apple.”

Angelo took another bite of the apple.

Jack’s eyes reflected the light of the lamp. It was a tiny bowl  of light emanating to the edge of his apple and to the darkness that was his head.  His five senses were now five points of a star as his tongue freshened with apple taste.

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