Why Reactionaries Hate Progressives

I’ve been thinking about why hard right conservatives or reactionaries, hate liberals & progressives so much. This is my take.

Reactionaries hate the attempt of an equal level world that democracy, multiculturalism and technology at the outset of the twenty-first century is bringing. They hate globalism & the apparent stripping of their sovereignty (Brexit). The changing world gives rise to their acute sense of cultural chaos while the once over arching power of White Supremacy is being destroyed by demographic realities.

The old social caste of their male superiority & natural inequalities are targeted by progressives for reform or abolition. Trumpists, Qanons & RWNJs hate progressives for it.

The truth is that reactionaries are anti-egalitarian, anti-democracy, anti-liberalism, anti-women, anti-Semitic, anti-Black & anti-People of Colour. They are scared that the power & status, white males once had are disappearing right before their eyes.

#RWNJs #Trump #Qanon #Reactionaries #Brexit #Democracy #AntiSemitism #Multiculturalism #misogyny

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