A Wish to Pray – Donald Petacchi

Below is a copy of a hand written poem by Donald Petacchi taken from his book,  “Work for Being in the Machine Age”.


A Wish to Pray, by Donald Petacchi

A Wish to Pray, by Donald Petacchi

4 Responses to A Wish to Pray – Donald Petacchi

  1. Shelley says:

    Dear Stavros,
    When I first discovered your blog this morning, for some reason I thought of Donald Petacchi. Then I see his poem on your blog. I have that same poem in a booklet entitled “Poems from the Lightspheres” from 1979. Isn’t that something!?!?!?
    I suppose you know the whole story of some of these poems, since you are a font of knowing and unknowing things!
    If you don’t know the Lightspheres booklet I think I could find a way to copy it, but on the first page he says it is copyrighted, so I don’t want to do anything wrong. I paid a dollar for the booklet.

    • stavr0s says:

      Hello Shelley

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m particularly touched that you should connect me with Donald Petacchi. I believe that his approach to the Work is an essential one, using the word essential in the sense of ëssence rather than personality. I am not as knowledgeable or “un” knowledgeable as you may think. However, thanks for your kind words and I am happy that you have found some use of my “wiseacrings”.


      • Mary Petacchi says:

        Hello Stavros……..Just wanted to say hello…My Uncle is Donald Petacchi…it was lovely to see his ‘work’ posted here..brought back memories…thank you. Best wishes, Mary A. Petacchi

      • stavr0s says:

        Hello Mary

        He must have been an amazing man…to use Gurdjieff’s term – a remarkable man to have as an uncle. Thank you for taking the time to write.

        all the best


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