Carlos Suarès – a Unique Qabalist

Carlos Suares

Carlos Suares (1892–1976) was a painter, writer and Qabalist. Qabala, also known as Kabbalah and Cabala is generally thought of as the esoteric side of Judaism. Carlos Suares spent over 40 years intensely studying the Qabala and he writes of the Qabala as a science of undifferentiated energy written in code embedded in the Bible, particularly Genesis and the Song of Solomon.

“I begin our study by saying that the Qabala is a science and that The Sepher Yetsira is a precise and accurate treatise on the structure of cosmic energy, written in a hidden code. This should not be a surprise: all the physical sciences are nowadays, written in cipher codes. If the code referring to the letters E, M, C was unknown, Einstein’s equation, E=MC2, could not be understood. The mystery of the Qabala is simply due to the fact that the cabalists are not aware of what its language is and to the ignorance both of the analogical mode of thought characterising this language, and of the necessity of connecting this text with modern scientific research, instead of with the archaic stages of a science. In this they are like people who call themselves great physicians because they spend their time studying Archimedes, or mathematicians because they know Euclid by heart. This kind of scholarship is no more than an intellectual diversion, contributing nothing to our strife-riven world, or to our present consciousness which has lost its past mythological illusions and is in the process of bridging religion and science…”

He makes the point that in reading the Autiot (the letters of the Hebrew language) and making the effort to connect with the “meaning” the reader partakes in a transformation of consciousness, even if the reader does not “understand” the apparent associations of the sacred letters – the Autiot.

I noticed when reading the Cipher of Genesis that a certain quality of energy became manifest in my mind. It is difficult to describe but it was more like ingesting a psychedelic substance in tiny doses with one’s eyes and the mind was a stomache digesting these letter – number doses. After making the effort to “understand – digest” the input of the letter – numbers a feeling of lightness and focus appeared. Like I say, it is difficult to describe and to even call it “reading” does not do the effort and material ingested justice.

By showing that the energising properties of the Autiot have a dual cosmic flow, the way to an essential stage of modern physics is cleared: the study of consciousness, in its material manifestations, as energy.
–Suares, Sepher Yetsira p.41 (Carlo Suarès)

In his book, “The Second Coming of Reb YHSHWH : The Rabbi Called Jesus Christ”  he presents his stance on what The Kingdom of Heaven is.

“The Eight Propositions”

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20-21). And this would be the keynote of the New Era. Here are the eight propositions:

1. Seek your total individuality. Don’t write it down anywhere. Don’t give it a name. Any definition of yourself is a deceptive hideout.

2. You will not find your total individuality. It is your total individuality that sees you, that witnesses your doings. It acts in our space-time continuum but is not restricted to it.

3. Your total individuality is your soul. It abides in the indeterminate plurality of universes. Because it is alive, it is evolving. Because it is outside of time, its evolution is only the time that you need to permit it to find you. Because it is multidimensional, it contributes to the composition of an Ecclesia. It is one and innumerable.

4. Your soul will not find you as long as your consciousness is made of the stuff of false evidences created by your mind: as long as you do not feel a sense of suffocation in those space-time false evidences.

5. The death of false evidences is a psychological death, announcer of resurrection. Each false evidence denounced opens a window in the inner space where the measurable dies.

6. This death of the measurable in the inner space is a personal experience. All that is said to you about it will prevent it from occurring. Do not listen to the professionals of any religions.

7. Beyond this death, our infinitely multiple individuality reveals to our present person that we are only one of its multifarious manifestations. We then meet the other manifestations of our soul spread out through history, still present and alive.

8. So this consciousness emanating from our soul integrates its earthly past and also its future. It knows itself continuous, without limits. It is all-consciousness, it penetrates every consciousness, it understands every consciousness, and that understanding is love.

The Sephiroth Cube

I suggest that you read his books so that you get a first hand account of the “energy” transmission mentioned above rather than have someone like me give you my filtered and flawed interpretations. Indeed, I would be lying if I said that I understand Carlos Suares’ Qabala. All I can say in truth is that I am in awe of what he brings and one day I hope to get an inkling, a taste of his understanding.

9 Responses to Carlos Suarès – a Unique Qabalist

  1. Reinhold Tajoivsky says:

    Am trying to find Suares writings on hic color theory

  2. stavr0s says:

    I don’t think he published anything about his colour theory. Living in Australia, I haven’t seen any of his original paintings, hopefully one day I will. Have you?

  3. Thanks for your note.. Just composed a lengthy response but a passing electrical storm erased it (9:45 PM Central Standard Time in Oshkosh Wisconsin.) Will attempt again tomorrow (28 August 2013). Perhaps what I was musing about was not to be divulged???
    Reinhold Tajovsky {Plse take note snoopy NSA !!!lol}

  4. There are no ‘vowels’ (other that “A” in Aleph) mentioned/discussed by Suares. Are they ‘sacred’ letters in Hebrew scripture?
    Like your broad spectrum interests !!!

    • stavr0s says:

      I think they are sacred for those who have a need and the capacity to appreciate the sacred. Same letters, different mirrors.
      Sometimes I feel like I’m a fake because they who know do not speak, those who speak do not know -as some Zen guy said. My broad spectrum is in light colours 🙂

  5. B Curfs says:

    Find more on Carlo Suares / Suarès here:

    Also, I wrote a book inspired by Suares’s work, see, a dedicated website which features a blog.

    Fred Alan Wolf, a Quantum Physicist (known from “What The Bleep Do We Know”), wrote interesting books mentioning the function of the Hebrew letters. He considers Carlo Suares his mentor.

    I’m sure it’s entirely possible to develop the “analogical mode of thought” Suares tried to connect his readers to.

  6. stavr0s says:

    Tried your link but it doesn’t take you to the book. Sounds great. The more people who develop an analogical mode of thought the more likely we will still be around on Earth.

    Earth needs us to have an analogical mode of thought so that we can play a reciprocal role in maintaining the ecology of the Solar System. Gurdjieff’s Ray of Creation is embedded in this mode.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Send us the link.

    • BCurfs says:


      Thanks so much for notifying me!
      I changed the defunct link on the “Buy the Book”-tab into another one and tested it. Now you will be directed to Xibris’s page with the available versions (softcover/hardcover) of my book.

      As for the eBook, I’d recommend you sign up for the free sample, see the “eBook”-tab on my website with more information.

      If at any time you want to pay for it, try the PayPal button there. After I get the notification (allow some days), I’ll send you the link with the full eBook without watermark.

  7. Beth says:

    Wonderful collection of thoughts. I too am very curious about Gurdjieff, Suarez and Hebrew.

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