Some photos of my neighbourhood

I love my phone camera. I have it with me all the time and when I see something that looks good I just shoot a picture. I walk daily around my neighbourhood for both pleasure & exercise. Where I live I am lucky that to get to my local shops I can take a slightly longer route and walk along the river bank. Consequently many of the pictures here have been taken along that route. I will let the pictures speak for themselves so there’s no captions. Just click on the photo & it will expand to its true size.

Oh yeah…some pictures are of stuff in my home except the “Metropolis” Man of steel & car parts. That’s from a garage nearby that closed down. Don’t know where the steel man is now. Hope he’s OK. I included a photo of the recent red moon eclipse on 26 May 2021.

Here’s some more photos on another post. I have put some of those on this page because I forgot they were on this page. Hey, that’s cool – so we see them twice! >

Around the house and our neighbourhood during Coronavirus.

2 Responses to Some photos of my neighbourhood

  1. Jacob says:

    Wow it’s hard to believe that these photos are taken practically in your backyard! It’s also amazing the quality of the photos are from your phone! It’s inspiring me to go out there and participate in taking photos of my surroundings, who knows what I’ll catch!

    • stavr0s says:

      Yep! Our phone cameras are amazing because we carry them everywhere with us & it’s no big deal to point & shoot a picture. I just wish they were invented when I was younger & travelling around.
      Thanks for your comment. Happy picture taking!

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