The Van Goghic Crop Pictures

On my daily walks I pass a field that has been planted with an unknown crop. It’s unknown because I don’t know the farmer and haven’t asked anyone what it is. I’m assuming it is potatoes but that’s only a guess.

For some reason when I look at this field Vincent Van Gogh hovers over my mind. I call it the Goghic Crop because it has that Vincent vibe. Anyway, I thought I’d post the pictures of this crop in a somewhat chronological order from the time the field was plowed, then sown until today where it looks in healthy growth.

Today is Wednesday 14 December 2022. I will post more photos as the days and weeks go by until it is time for harvest. Hopefully by that time I will know what the crop is.

I found out today, Monday, 23 January, 2023 that the farmer is growing pumpkins.

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