A Dream

April 2, 2022

I’m walking through a corridor whose walls are plastered with newspapers. I come to the end where there’s an abyss below, empty space above me & nothing to my left or right. I turn to run for safety & just as I turn before me is a gigantic spider with a woman’s & a man’s head joined together at the neck.

Before I scream the spider’s belly rushes at me pushing me into the abyss. In the background I hear Roy Orbison singing “In Dreams”. I fall and fly first up then down, then left then right. I turn to see the spider & it’s sitting in the centre of an immense web. I fly thru fog like smoke spaces between the web threads. The spider’s hairy legs are black against the billion stars. The legs & body of the spider cut a living symmetry in eight diections.

I am dizzy & see the web is everywhere & within each segment of space allocated by the web crossings are smaller webs. Each of these has a spider – webs within webs, worlds within worlds.

As my mind tries calculating factors of relevance, I fall and my back hits a hard surface. It’s wood. I lift my head & I see sails. I’m on a boat. I wake up.

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