Some thoughts in short form….then an essay written by ChatGPT

January 30, 2023

Here’s some stuff I wrote ages ago when thinking about what poetry is >>

Art is the foot print of a soul step. No soul, no foot print – only shifting sands of glitter & flash light grains.

Art is only art when the drive to create is fueled by inner necessity

Poetics is the study of soul graphics. The journey of the scribble doesn’t stop at meaning.

Why must a reality measured in litres and metres be more real than one measured in sighs and tears?

Like a night club bouncer big words can select their own context of entry.

Experimenting with ChatGPT I asked it to write an essay using the above thoughts in short form. This is what it came up with. It also created the title

“Creativity: The Soul’s Footprint”

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