Emergence and freedom – what a beautiful picture!

This image is beautiful! I think it says it all when we are attempting to emerge with our own individuality from any mass mind. When we work for an institution we are obliged to merge our sense of self with that organisation. It is difficult to break free psychologically and spiritually so that one emerges like a butterfly to express what is within. I know all about this process because I left my job from a huge public service organisation where I merged my identity with its educational and training goals. Along the way I lost my sense of self. Now I feel I am emerging. Where am I in this process when I look at this wonderful picture? I think at the third stage. However, I could still be cemented in the first stage with my dreams of being free and this comment is one of many illusions I carry in my bag of ego, see the First Initiation post below.
This is the first time I have reblogged so I am not certain if the original blog address is shown. But here it is anyway : http://geerthofman.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/breaking-free/ .

Geert Hofman



The first time I saw this picture on facebook: I was blown away. What an expression of liberating oneself from…., from what exactly? From some kind of casting mould it seems. The statue depicts a person who expresses a deeply felt connection with his higher purpose, He celebrates being an integral and indispensible part of the universe, ready to fully and unconditionally participate in the perpetual process of co-creation. Allowing himself to wonder, to enjoy life, to laugh, to love and to be free. Free and yet connected to everything else in the universe. An individual yet part of the collective wisdom and intuition of the universe. Free of the shackles of forced uniformity dictated by an obsolete worldview, free from being told what to do by everyone and all. Free from living a life which is not his. Free to accept responsibility for himself and the context in which he…

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